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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Become an Ice Princess!

Hello everyone! I was trying to think of a first post that I could write to start off my blog and recently got asked how I get my hair the white colour that it is now, as I've got asked many times in the past too. I thought this would be a great post to start with as so many people want to know the details! So this will tell you everything you need to know to get your hair icey white like this >

(Tip: Do this on a day where you'll be staying at home with nothing else important to do because it's very time consuming and sometimes you won't get the desired results straight away. Remember to be patient!)

First you're going to need bleach. This is going to get rid of the colour in your hair which will leave it looking yellowy (don't panic like I did if it looks like custard, that's meant to happen). I've tried loads of different bleaches since I started dying my hair but I prefer to use Bblonde by Jerome Russell or L'Oreal FĂ©ria lightener. The Jerome Russell bleach I buy is powder so you have to buy the peroxide separate but it's usually right next to it in the shop. Instead of doing that I bought a big 1 litre bottle of Ion creme developer which does the job exactly the same (you have to be prepared to measure it out though). I recommend just buying the Jerome Russell peroxide to go with it because it's just a lot easier. So basically you just have to follow the instructions on the packets for this one.


After you've bleached your hair it's going to be, like I said earlier, an odd custard yellow colour and that really isn't a good look. To get rid of that colour you're going to need this, the secret to white hair:


This is Pro:voke Touch Of Silver brightening shampoo (people also call it toner or silver shampoo). This is essential for hair of this colour because it neutralizes the brassy colours, taking out the yellow and leaving the grey/white colour that you can see in my photos. I buy the twice a week version of the shampoo but I use it every time I shower rather than just twice a week. That's because it's stronger than the daily shampoo and makes my hair bright white. It recommends that you leave it on for 5 minutes, but I leave it on for much  longer - usually around 30 to 40 minutes straight after bleaching and then for 10 to 15 minutes whenever I shower. So after leaving it on for a while you just wash it out and you'll see your hair changing colour. Sometimes it takes a few washes for it to turn the colour that you desire, but it's worth it. There are also conditioners as well if that suits you better. You can buy this from places like Superdrug, Boots, Bodycare and from some chemists. I buy mine from Bodycare because it's cheapest from there (I think).

To maintain the white colour you will have to use the Silver shampoo regularly and you'll also have to bleach and lighten your roots when they grow out too. To do this you just need to repeat the process I explained but only covering your roots. I suggest leaving the silver shampoo just on your roots when doing this until they are the same colour as the rest of your hair as you might find that half of your hair is whiter than the rest.

That's it! More simple than everyone thinks!
But if you're looking for more products that are made for icey white hair you can also try the Pro:voke hairspray. I only started using it recently but so far it's really good and it has a really strong hold. It's meant to add moisture and maintain the colour with a UV absorber.


So hope this helped and answered everyone's questions! Thanks for reading and I'll be making more posts soon so make sure to check those out too :)


  1. wow Jo..... soooooooo excited cant wait for your next

  2. Great blog jo, x

  3. I always wanted hair like this but I'm a dark brunette and I've done other dye in the past... I'm afraid to do it, I do'nt want my hair to die haha. Have you ever do any hair dye before this one ?

  4. I've never dyed my hair a darker colour I'm afraid and my hair was very light before this too,sorry I can't help!