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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Lady Gaga's first single from ARTPOP is here! And to celebrate the release of Applause I've joined many of the other fans that have made their own version of Lady Gaga's album artwork. If you haven't seen the photo itself then I recommend you go and take a look now before seeing these photos and concluding that I'm a messy make upper.

To start off I put a pair of black tights on my head which was shortly followed by an interval in which I pretended to be a bank robber (pretty sure Lady Gaga did too when she was shooting the original) and for the make up I used a mixture of eyeshadows and acrylic paints (I do not advise the paints!!). I also did some really long nails with similar colours as the make up to match which you can see further down. I then found an old bed sheet, wrapped myself up so that I looked like a nun and began to take photos! The song itself is amazing and I haven't stopped playing it since I got my hands on it (to the frustration of my sister). It would in fact be a lie if I said I wasn't listening to it as I'm writing this. So without further ado here are my own versions of the Applause artwork, enjoy!

If you want to buy Lady Gaga's new single Applause you can find it here:

Or you can watch the official lyric video here:

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