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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Kruel Jewellery

Hey guys!

For those who follow my tumblr blog, you may have seen a post about Kruel Jewellery by Amy McPherson. She recently sent me some jewellery (thank you Amy!) and I've taken a few photos to show you all. I love all of the pieces, but of course I have a few favourites, not to mention that the packaging was so pretty and unique too which was the cherry on top.

The first three pieces in these photos are a cat ring, flower charm bracelet and owl necklace. The bracelet and necklace are both really colourful and pretty. They have a mixture of white, pink, green and blues and so I mixed them with this dark green velvet shirt to make them really stand out. I like the way this bracelet looks good both over the shirt and on bare skin too if you were to wear a short sleeved top with it. It means you can wear it with anything! The necklace also makes a nice statement piece for a plainer outfit too.


The third piece of jewellery in those photos is this cat ring (close up because it's so tiny and cute). This was one of my favourite things that I saw on the Kruel website and I had to have it because of how sweet it is! It's a plain colour so it will match any outfit that you put on with it but it also looks great with the other bronze jewellery that I got given as well.


 This robot necklace was another piece that Amy sent me and I teamed it up with a sparkly silver shirt because of the jewel eyes that the robot has. It's originally quite long like the owl necklace in the previous photos but I fastened it at the back to make it shorter. I like how it looked because it's almost like a cute replacement for a tie. Although quite subtle, I think it made a huge impact to the outfit and added that little something extra.

The last thing that I got from Kruel jewellery was this dog charm anklet, I will admit this is another favourite of mine and I had my eye on it.


It's a really delicate chain with lil silver bobble intervals along it, topped with a jewel covered puppy charm. To go with the sparkly anklet I, of course, wore my beloved sparkly heels (they've seen better days). This together with the robot necklace, sparkly shirt and also some black skinny jeans made the perfect outfit for a get together I went to with my friends.

So if any of you like some of the jewellery that I've posted on here you can find them on the Kruel website, Instagram and Facebook The links are:

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. lovely jewelry! thank you for sharing and awesome blog as well. perhaps we could keep in touch and follow each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


    1. Hi! I just made a bloglovin account so you can follow me on there if you like :) I just followed your blog :) x