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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Best Dressed At London Fashion Week

As promised here is my post about my favourite outfits from when I went to London Fashion Week. There were loads more than this but I've had to narrow it down to some of the best ones I saw. I don't have a lot of time for this (I've been neglecting some college work for quite some time now) so I'm afraid it will have to be brief, sorry guys!

So these are my favourites, the reason for a lot of them is because they're all pretty quirky. The woman in yellow really stood out against everyone else with how bright she was (I'm not surprised she needed those sunglasses) and I couldn't stop staring at the shoes. I just really loved how everything came together with the yellow lipstick as well. We also bumped into (the lovely) Jai'me Jan and had a quick chat with him too, he was also really brightly dressed but this time all in red, you couldn't miss him when looking through the crowd!
I picked the guy wearing all black as one of my favourites simply because of all his accessories. I saw a lot of people wearing full black and none of it really interested me until I saw him. He had a huge gold chain on and so many chunky, metal bracelets I'm surprised he could even lift his arms up. With all the metal and full black leather he was definitely one of the best dressed guys of the weekend.
My ultimate favourites have to be bobbly jumper girl (because bobbles that's why!!), lady in pink coat and lady dressed in orange. The woman in the pink rain coat just caught my eye because of her gorgeous ginger hair at first and then I saw her coat and I suddenly had immense feelings of jealousy (I want it so bad). But I just think she looked so classy and cute.
The woman in the orange coat was one of the first people that I asked to take a photo of and I'll admit that I didn't find anyone else dressed in the very slightest bit similar to her for the rest of the day. She didn't seem too happy when I asked for her photo (I think she was busy) but I couldn't let her get away without snapping her first. Just the orange fluffy coat with the matching orange Grimes fringe made me think "I need a photo". Also the trousers were pretty cool too.
There are some other photos but I don't have enough time to write about them so you will just have to guess why I picked them (clues: vibrant colours, tartan, co-ordination of blue dip dye with outfit and a very smart suit).

And, just before I go, the winner for Jojo's Ultimate Best Dressed Of The Weekend award is this little guy. I don't think he really knows just how fashionable he is but he sure does like the camera...

Thanks for reading! :)

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