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Sunday, 8 September 2013

College Outfit #1

As a lot of you already know it is that time of the year where we all go back to school or college and sit in our lessons wondering what we actually did over the summer. This year I've made a decision to try and make an effort in my appearance for college as last year I looked like a tramp for most of it. I used to roll out of bed, throw on some clothes that looked clean and go off to college (somehow managing to be late anyway despite the minimal time getting ready). I didn't pay attention to my hair or make up either because I've always had this attitude of "I really don't care what you think of me" and I'm still like that, I just want to try something new. The reason I'm doing this little 'challenge' for myself is because I now have a motive (posting photos of my outfits on this blog) and also because there are so many pieces of clothing in my wardrobe that don't get enough recognition!! I'll post a few photos every once in a while about what I've worn that week/month and because I started back at college last Thursday I'll post just this one outfit for now :)

It was quite a hot day on Thursday so I wore a new mini skirt I bought from a charity shop along with a black leotard (which I later found out to be extremely see through) with my green net jumper (I think I got that from TopShop). The jumper is one of my favourite things in the world because it's such a deep colour and it's net too (which can never be a bad thing). 

I did take my jumper off when I was at college although I kept it on in lessons due to the fact you could see right through my leotard. (My friend kindly told me this by pointing out that he could see my nipples). The leotard is another great find from a charity shop (I bought it with another leotard which I'll be making a post about in the near future). It's got different panels of mesh and lace and is just the right amount of cute, girly and a tiny bit revealing at the same time. I think because of the straps (they're a bit granny-ish) it takes away from how risqué the leotard is itself, although still not entirely appropriate for college (oops). The skirt is originally from H&M but I bought it from a charity shop, as I said above. I've been buying a lot more skirts lately and I really like the shape of this one. It reminds me of a 60's mini skirt because of the length and the way it flares out a little bit at the bottom. 

I paired this outfit up with my knee high sparkly socks, rolled down to my ankles, and my purple velvet Doc Martens. I've had these since last December when I got them for my birthday and in the last year they've begun to show signs of wear. I kinda like them like that though and they still look great anyway. I was kinda happy with my make up on this day too so I took some close ups as well. My make up is usually the same all the time but every now and then I change it the slightest bit. I'm going to try and experiment with that and my hair because I always have the same look.

So it looks like I won't be dressing as scantily for college again but this outfit would be perfect for a cheeky night out instead by just replacing the Docs with some high heels.
Making a bit of effort for college isn't as difficult as I thought (for now). I hope you enjoyed my first college outfit post, I'll try and post them regularly but don't hold me to it... Thanks for reading :)


  1. you wore a see through top to college without realising. oh and you just happened to be wearing no bra, yeah right