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Monday, 16 September 2013

London Fashion Week

Hi everyone!
This weekend was the beginning of London Fashion Week, as I’m sure most of you already know, and I took a trip down there to take a look at what was happening. On Saturday I wore a tiger print shirt with a blue tartan skirt that I made with brown boots and on Sunday I wore a purple American Apparel skirt, tie dye crop top, white coat and Kurt Geiger jelly shoes. (I would post a photo of the 2nd outfit but all them look ugly hehe). 

Me and Kayla visited the BFC Courtyard Show Space on Saturday and as soon as we arrived there was so much going on. Outside the entrance there were a group of models who were being swarmed by photographers, and I managed to get to the front and took some photos myself. The group looked as though they had just come from backstage at a pantomime in old fashioned clothes and elaborate head dresses. The head dresses really were the main focal point as there was such a diverse collection with simple yet colourful top hats and black lace veils to a large bejewelled hooded crown, a reed crown and a woman with a glass box round her head? So yeah I really have no idea what this actually was but it looked cool so here are some photos:

 We then went further into the courtyard and started to take a look around which is where we bumped into Olivia Emily (she's in the photo up the top there ^) so we spent the rest of the day with her too.We got stopped so many times to have our photos taken and of course I took loads of photos too. I'm really sad that I can't put all of the photos up but there are so many! So what I'm going to do is make a separate post tomorrow of my favourite outfits of the weekend.

I think the most exciting part of the weekend was when we weedled our way into the Ashish runway show because we weren't planning on going to any at first. Every single piece was so amazing and I tried to get some good photos but most are a bit blurry (those models walk so damn fast). Also I wasn't too close to the front so just ignore the heads bobbing around at the bottom of the photos. Anyway there was a whole lot of denim and sequins for this collection and there is nothing I want more than that sparkly denim jacket.

Ashish was one of the shows that Paloma Faith went to as well and I ended up standing less than a meter away from her for a while before realising who it was and taking a blurry photo. She matched the whole show with her sparkly dress and her hair was so bright. She looked really cute and cuddly as she always does and I had to refrain from hugging her because there were body guards around. I'm putting the photo of her on here anyway (even though it really doesn't do her justice) just so you can get an idea of what she looked like but don't judge my bad photo taking skills.

On Sunday it rained so much that there was hardly anyone around so we didn't stay there long. I have also managed to get myself a cold because of all the rain but it was worth it for such a good weekend.
Thanks for reading and make sure to check back tomorrow for the post about my favourite outfits from the weekend :)

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