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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Somethin' Space-y

I have been waiting to post this for so long guys you don't even understand. I bought an outer space-y unitard thing weeeeeks ago from Rokit (I think it was £30? Can't remember) and I haven't found anything like it since. And, being as lazy as I am has consequences which is why this took so long as I could never be bothered to take photos. But finally it happened. I set up my tripod and camera and took photos in it. I even showered for this. Basically this all-in-one thing is one of my new favourite pieces of clothing and I want it on my body forever.

Also I put my hair up in this weird bun thing that looks like that lady off The Hunger Games? (I've never seen that movie but I know what she looks like). I don't even know how it ended up like this but I really liked it so it stayed up, with the help of almost a whole can of hairspray, until I absolutely had to take it out. Like I said in one of my previous posts I never change my make up or my hair so I guess this could be the start of something new (♫ it feels so right to be here with yo-u ).
I'm also wearing my new velvet choker that I bought not so long ago off eBay. I've wanted it for so long and this is something else that I am never going to stop wearing. It's got a lil tinkle bell on it so whenever I move I sound magical (or like a cat whatever). I'm planning on getting loads more chokers in the future because of how much I adore this one.
I wasn't even wearing shoes in these photos hence no photos past my calves. If I was going to go out in this I'd probably wear something kinda plain like black heeled boots/shoes (so as not to take away from the magnificent shiny thing with a zip and collar). But, alas I am always at home so it looks like this shall have to stay in my wardrobe until I surface from the comfort of my bed.


  1. You've got a camel toe in that

  2. At least everyone knows that I have lady parts :)