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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Burberry Bodice

Hey everyone :) Continuing from my post yesterday, here are the photos of what I bought at BuyMyWardrobe Live a few weeks ago. I've been buying a lot of leotards lately and knew that this Burberry bodice had a place in my collection (at only £30 too). It's a really nice, delicate material (more see through than I thought it would be) and the tartan-y pattern is going to fit in well this winter since everyone is wearing it. I really love the old fashioned high leg aerobics leotards and swimsuits and I've been trying to look for some for so long. This is similar to what I had in mind with the high rise sides and thong but not the colours, however I think this is much more classy anyway. (Took some inspiration from Lady Gaga's single cover here because I didn't want you all to see my butt hehe). If I were going to a party I'd probably wear this with my fish net midi skirt. But for out and about in the day I'm thinking of buying some white high waist trousers to wear with it. I kinda just want to clash it with some more tartan though ahhh.

My make up is the same from the tutorial someone asked me to so if you want to know all the secrets the post is somewhere down there 

Thanks for reading :)

1 comment:

  1. love the print, great call on the tartan.