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Saturday, 2 November 2013

BuyMyWardrobe Live

I probably should have written about this the weekend after it happened but I've been so busy lately that I never got round to it (same story as always). So after London Fashion Week I got an email inviting me to go to the BuyMyWardrobe Live event on the 5th of October. I was meant to be there right at the start for the whole introduction and champagne but ended up being late, of course, getting there around an hour before it ended oops. I wore my new Kesh top with River Island leggings and leather chunky heels from TopShop but I didn't really have any good photos of me from the day. It was held at Kensington Roof Gardens and I probably got more photos of the gardens than the  actual clothes because of how pretty the whole scene was. Also my camera broke before I got there so all the photos I've taken are on my phone, but they're not too bad. I mostly took photos of shoes and accessories because all the clothes were on hangers.

It was a lot of fun and I saw loads of nice clothes that I wish I could have bought. I think my favourite things were the silver sparkly stilettos and the midnight blue clutch purse, both just because they're so sparkly. The place itself was magical and looked like it should be the set of a fairy tale movie. There's a video on my Instagram of the garden if you want to have a look (the link is at the top of my blog). There were little Moroccan style seating areas and flowers everywhere and they had flamingos. (Which got me wondering whether any of them had flown off the roof while the event had been on) (Can flamingos even fly?).
Before arriving I promised myself that I wouldn't spend any money whatsoever and (surprise, surprise) I went ahead and did it anyway. I'm not going to show you all what it is just yet because I took photos in it the other day and I want to post them separately (they'll be up tomorrow).
Just to finish off you can all have a badly taken mirror selfie of me and Kayla from the day. I am now going to nap. Thanks for reading!

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