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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Coolest Backpack Ever

So the other week I bought the coolest backpack I've ever seen in my life. I can't even remember how I found it if I'm honest with you but it was at some point through one of my midnight eBay shopping sprees that I discovered it. A few people I know were telling me that it's absolutely ridiculous and that I should not, in any circumstance, buy that backpack. And of course I did it anyway.

I wanted to look really cute and bug eyed for these photos so I did my Japanese style make up which I learnt from watching a few different tutorials. This and the loose, messy pigtails made me feel small and dainty. For my outfit I also have my new favourite shoes (how amazing are they??!) and sweater on which haven't graced my blog yet. They both happen to be the same colour which seems like it's starting to be a trend for me. I got the jumper for £2.25 and the shoes for £3, both from a charity shop, and I matched these with some P.E shorts that are from when I was little (7-8 years apparently??). The tiger backpack was about £23 off eBay and it is literally the size of my back, as you can see in those photos. I still don't have a name for him, although me and my friend like the name Chester. If you have any ideas make sure to leave a comment below and I'll pick one for him! It's gotta be a pretty cool name for a pretty cool tiger backpack.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. graham. or steve. the least animal-y ones are always the best!! i love your make-up in this, i think highlighting the inner corners of my eye is something i'm going to try :~) x

  2. How about Lionel, it suits him. X

  3. It a sort of cool cos he is a tiger

  4. Awesome pics and cool outfit
    Nice blog! :D

  5. This is such a cool backpack! *u* I've only seen these backpacks in pictures from Tokyo and I've always thought that it was so daring~! The outfit that you paired with it suits it really well, too ^^ I think Chester is a great name for it heheh
    Would you be interested in following each other's blogs via GFC? :0
    -Kiyomi xx

  6. Nice look you achived and super cool backpack

  7. I had bought this tiger backpack in yellow but they accidentally sent me a lion one :/ I was so frustrated but he was still cute ^_^ The white one looks cool as well!!! The only bad thing bout it is that everytime I go out wearing it people want to touch it and it drives me mad -_-
    Have you found a name yet? xx

  8. ooh the cap ;* Im horny like a horse - Thank you Beautiful jojo