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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dungaree Day

After finding out that Spongebob isn't on until later today I remembered that I took these photos on a dungaree day not so long ago and that it was about time for another outfit post. I'm wearing these cute white and dark grey striped dungarees with leather look straps (my favourite thing about them) that I bought from River Island last year and a black crinkly top that I found in a charity shop. I don't know what the top is made of but it feels really strange and extra light. I like the material though because I think anything touchy-feely is cool (like those books you used to have when you were little). I got my shoes from eBay and I've been wearing them almost every day since they arrived at my house. They're quite similar to ones in highstreet shops and a lot of people have mistaken them for ones they've seen in River Island or TopShop, I'm really sad though because I've already scuffed the front of them and had to colour it in with black pen :(
I tried to find the link for the boots on eBay but I've lost it somewhere but I think if you just type in black platform boots and scroll for a while you'll be able to find them or similar.

It has actually taken me so long to write this because Spongebob came on halfway through and I was having too much fun watching it, but we got there in the end. Also for those of you who follow me on Instagram I've broken my phone so that's why I haven't posted anything in such a long time. I'll be back before you know it though. Thanks for reading! :)

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