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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Chibi Baby

Today I'm all in pink!! Although I will say as cute as this outfit is I think I may have misjudged the weather before leaving my house wearing this. I'm wearing a loose Chibiusa top tucked into a bright pink tennis skirt that is so short it makes my legs look crazy long (I'm not complaining). I don't tend to go for the really dark shades of colours but I had a Barbie moment and had to have the skirt! My favourite part of this outfit is actually the back pack because OH MY GOD IT'S SQUISHY. I blew it up as soon as I received it in the post and think I might have got too excited because I ended up with a very bad headache. I wrapped this outfit up with a heart choker (pink, obviously), white fishnet tights and some platform shoes.

Chibiusa Top - Happy M0nday
Pink Tennis Skirt - Bone Idol
Inflatable Back Pack - Bone Idol
Pink Heart Choker - Tunnel Vision
Fishnet Tights - eBay
Platform Shoes - Vagabond/eBay
"Psycho" Purple Lipstick - Elle Michelle Cosmetics

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