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Friday, 22 May 2015

This Is A Love Song Discount Code!

A lot of you have probably seen me post quite a few photos of clothes from a brand called This Is A Love Song (TIALS for short). I've always loved their clothes and have quite a collection myself so I was delighted when I found out that I would be able to give all my lovely followers a 20% discount to start your own collection! This Is A Love Song has loads of fun and cute clothes that are inspired by music. They get the inspiration from artists, songs and album covers for their designs and come up with some really unique stuff that way! It's musical heritage makes TIALS' Spring/Summer collection perfect for festivals if you're going to any this year  (I'm not, sad JoJo) and the swimwear that they have are making me want to book a holiday right this instant!

The code that you will need to get your 20% discount is
LEMONADETIALS and you will be able to use this code from today until the 31st May at midnight (only 10 days!) 

TIALS has recently been added onto the new website Original Attire which is where this 20% off code will work! (Press >HERE< for link). You can follow them on Instagram too (@originalattire) where you'll be able to see loads of TIALS photos and other brands too! 

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  1. Nice dress and having wonder full pic is there having any coupons like Debenhams Discount Code