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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ice Goth

I've seen lots of different types of goths, you might have heard of cyber goth, street goth and even health(?) goth. So I decided to make up my own version; Ice Goth. This stems from me occasionally wearing clothes like the ones in these photos and of course the fact that I pretty much look like I belong in a palace made of ice. I sometimes have moods where I wish I owned new rocks and I think this was one of them (how good would new rocks look with this outfit?!) The dress is from a charity shop and I was so happy when I saw it from afar, sparkling on the clothes rail, because of course it is the perfect mix of two of my favourite colours: blue and silver. I've had the choker since going to a party a few years ago where a very lovely cross-dresser offered to let me wear it. I lost him and never got to give it back, so unfortunately I don't know where it's from. I really love the buffalo style shoes because they always make me feel like a Spice Girl (and they make me a tiny bit taller hehe).

Dress - Charity Shop
Choker - Party Friend
*Fishnet Tights - We Love Colors
*Platform Shoes - Pet Milk


  1. Great look! Love your style

  2. Cutie love you in pantyhose ;* You are my Dream girl - Love from Rex