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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tennis Princess

If any of you grew up watching every single Disney film that was made (like I did) I'm sure a lot of you have dreamed of finding out that you're actually a princess or prince. Unfortunately for most of us this isn't the case, but there's nothing wrong with dressing up like royalty! I've always loved dressing up as a princess since I was younger (when it was acceptable) and have recently felt sad about not being able to walk out my front door in a big frilly ball gown! So to make myself feel better I put together a more modern, casual version of a princess outfit that you can wear out every day. The main princess parts of this outfit are the choker, the top and of course the extremely pretty and shiny bag! I feel like these three items come together really nicely because of the material; they're all quite shimmery and luxurious! I love the top enormously because of the flattering shape and the elegant neckline. For the rest of the outfit I chose more plain, casual pieces of clothing like the tennis skirt, the pink socks and the trainers. Now I'm going to go back to watching Cinderella!

*Choker - Dynasti
Top - TopShop
*Skirt - Kokopie
*Socks - We Love Colors
Trainers - Nike (similar)

1 comment:

  1. Love the bag and the pastel combination ♥
    And don't people's conventions limit your life, you can wear whatever you like.

    Greeting xxx, Lexy.