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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Big Green Wall

Summer is almost over and I'm desperately trying to make the most of all my cute summery outfits before the nice weather disappears completely! These were taken with a big grey cloud above me which soon after started to pour down so it's a miracle I don't look drowned. I often wear just white and I think that an all white outfit can be really simple yet stylish, however this time I decided to add in some extras to make the outfit a bit more interesting. The top and skirt have their own subtle details which is part of what I love about the outfit, there's a lot going on but you have to look closely. Written across the top is "ACIDA" in shiny white and the denim skirt is ripped at the bottom and frayed. The extras that I added in are the denim jacket, fishnet top, the sunglasses and of course the Lazy Oaf bag (that big purple thing that you can't miss).

*Sunglasses - WolfNoir
*Top - Acida
*Fishnet top - We Love Colors
*Denim skirt -
Bag - Lazy Oaf
Shoes - Nike

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