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Friday, 18 September 2015

Blue Flames

I love these two pieces of clothing and I always think "what can I pair this with?!". Then it clicked that I could put them together and voila! It works. I picked this top from the boohoo website as I'd been looking for an Austin Powers-esque keyhole top and this ticked all the boxes (especially since it's blue). I love the flame print on the skirt too, there's something very 90s about it and I'd imagine Destiny's Child might have worn something similar to this at some point. The socks are glittery with horses on that my mama bought me, and of course they are blue too. (Everything must be blue including the graffiti, which I didn't do may I add!) The shoes top it off as they're big and chunky which the rest of the outfit definitely isn't, I think it makes a nice balance.

*Keyhole top -
*Blue flames skirt - Phantasmagorik
Horse socks - Tesco (similar)
Shoes - Charity shop


  1. Beautiful outfit!
    What do you say about follow each other? I will follow you back!
    Keep in touch!