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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Grow A Pair!

I am a big, fluffy, purple monster in my new coat that Ben (my boyfriend) got me for Christmas. This raggedy wonder is the result of me complaining about how I'm always cold; not due to my dislike of wearing multiple layers but my bad circulation may I add; and it works a treat! When I described it as a "coat" I'd say it's probably more of a cardigan, but it's definitely warm enough to wear in freezing weather which I have already quite a few times, and let's face it... you're not going to be able to fit an actual coat over the top of it. The top I'm wearing is fab! It says Grow A Pair with a picture of the female reproductive system on it which makes much more sense than what that saying usually means! I've matched these with just black jeans and my favourite new shoes which are the faux snake skin Doc Martens my momma bought me for my birthday.

Shag Jacket - Lovers and Drifters
*Grow A Pair Top - Valfré
Black Jeans -  TopShop
Faux Snake Skin Doc Martens - Office


  1. brilliant look - and warm.

  2. Nice!