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Friday, 1 January 2016


Hi guys! Obviously it is New Years Day and I hope you all had a great night last night but this post is about thinking of New Year resolutions and how you can start the year in a more positive way. I didn't know what photos would be relevant to this post so I just put together my favourite selfies from 2015. This is my way of looking back at how much I changed over the year and also some of the photos have a lot of good memories for me personally. Just putting together these photos has already made me feel more positive about myself and what is yet to come so I'm sharing some ideas that I have with you so you can feel more positive too. You've all seen people post about how their New Year resolution is to lose weight or to save more money or to drink less; all very good ideas to improve your lifestyle. However I always feel that people say these things from a negative point of view. I think there are better ways to think of your resolutions and to make them more approachable and doable. For example instead of saying "I need to lose weight this year because I got too fat in 2015" it's a lot better to say "I'm going to love and look after my body this year by eating healthier and exercising more." This is just an example of a New Year resolution by the way and obviously everyone has their own ideas of what they want to achieve this year. If you haven't I have got a few ideas that are self-improving, achievable and fun (and aren't based around losing weight or drinking less)! But before looking at the two sections I'm going to write down for you I thought it would be a really great idea if you wrote down a list of 10 positive things you did in 2015. This can be absolutely anything from getting a promotion at work to just helping an elderly lady across the road. It can be something big or something small, just something you're proud of is what you should write down and take a moment to think about. Of course there are always things that you could have done better, just like anyone else, but the focus should be on the positives! I've split my ideas into two categories. One is Self Improvement and the other is Helping Yourself By Helping Others.

Self Improvement

1. Start a journal/blog
Whenever I see someone with a journal full of things they've done or ideas they've come up with I always feel like they've got their life together. Being able to write down your thoughts and feelings every day is truly cleansing. It's like leaving all your troubles on the paper and it means that the next day you can start afresh without anything on your mind. Alternatively, you could start a blog which is similar! Writing about what you spend your days doing and why.

2. Read 50 books in 2016
I've seen a lot of people doing a challenge of 100 books a year but I thought that 100 might be too much for people with busier lives. Of course if you hit the 50 mark you can always read more, but at least you have a starting number to aim for! This is self improvement as it helps activate your imagination and adds new words to your vocabulary (and surprisingly more fun than scrolling through Facebook for an hour)

3. Start a new hobby and dedicate one day a week to it
Starting a new hobby of something you really enjoy makes you feel wonderful about yourself. Not only do you get to have fun but you also get to learn new skills and achieve small milestones that boost your self confidence each time you cross one off your list. A few ideas are playing a sport, learning how to cook new meals, learning a new instrument (or picking up the one you never got the hang of when you were little) and learning a new language! The sports will keep you active, the cooking and instrument will keep you creative and learning a new language will open the pathway to new people, jobs and cultures!

4. Write a list every morning of 5 things you love about yourself A lot of people struggle with self confidence and it's a lot easier for bullies to target people on the internet these days, but in the end your opinion of yourself is most important (after all you have to live with yourself every day). Everyone has good points and everyone is attractive and smart in their own way; that's the beauty of being an individual! However, some people get caught up on what others say and forget their good points which is why it's important to remind yourself each day. Doing this will boost your self confidence and create an invisible shield against any negative comments throughout the day. Think of your favourite facial feature, your best skills and the nicest parts of your personality and write them down!

Helping Yourself By Helping Others

1. Donate to a charity each month

This can be any charity in the world (and there are plenty out there). Whether it's a charity for a certain disease or a charity for animals, there are thousands of organisations out there who need the money to help others. There are charities for just about anything and even by donating a small amount of money each month you can make a massive impact to someone else's life. If you really have a passion for a specific issue but don't know how to help this is the perfect way to begin.

2. Compliment at least 1 person every day
As a blogger I've had my fair share of mean comments and although I've got tough skin, it's not pleasant to know that there are people out there who take the time to make someone feel worse about themselves. You as an individual have a choice every time you speak to someone or open the comment box on a photo to say something nice or point out everything that you find unappealing. I can assure you that writing a horrible comment isn't going to make yourself any more important, wealthy, popular or beautiful than the person you are putting down. Nothing is better than seeing the smile on someone's face or the happy comment back to a compliment you've given them!

3. Become vegetarian or vegan (or just cut down on meat)
What's better than saving lives and being healthier?? Not much in my opinion! I've been a vegetarian since I was 11 and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Not only has eating less meat been proven to be healthier but you also save cute little fluffy animals! If you feel that there is some reason why you can't become vegan or vegetarian (some people can't for health reasons) then you can simply try cutting down your meat intake every week. It makes you feel better in body and mind!

4. Get in touch with a family member or friend that you have lost contact with

Family and friends are things to be cherished but unfortunately a small fall out can lead to big consequences such as cutting out all contact from one another. A lot of people regret situations like these but are too stubborn to be the first to say "sorry" or "i miss you". If you have someone in mind while reading this then send them a quick text to see how they're doing. It might even be the best decision of 2016!

This has been a long read but I hope it's helped some of you find a better New Year resolution than "Lose Weight" or "Stop Drinking". Love yourself and others this year and may it be a happy and successful 2016!


  1. These are such good ideas! I've been journaling for a few years, but I recently fell off the wagon and it's been hard getting back on. Also, you are so gorgeous!


    1. Thanks so much, maybe this is the time to start journalling again! x

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      You show good ideas to start this year in the best way.
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