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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Baby Goth!

I think that Baby Goth is a good way to describe myself. I wear some things that can be put into the goth category but I have not yet grown into an adult goth that wears head to toe goth attire (maybe I should try it?). Therefore I am a Baby Goth which is why this top was basically made for me (especially because it's got pink on it). I see the whole outfit as a school girl look with a twist although I can imagine what my old teachers would have said if I had worn these platform shoes or a skirt of this length to my lessons! The top was made by a woman called Nikki Lipstick and I can say that she is one of the sweetest humans I have had the pleasure of talking to, and her clothes are seriously cute!

*Baby Goth top - Nikki Lipstick
Tartan Skirt - Charity Shop
Denim jacket - Charity Shop (similar)
*Fishnet tights - We Love Colors
Platform shoes - Demonia