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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Groovy Baby

I've been looking for a pair of flares that are my style for so long, they came back into fashion not long ago and I was so sad because all I could find were flares with bohemian prints on them which really isn't my kind of thing (although it looks great on other people!). So I waited patiently until Hellaholics saved the day! They primarily sell jewellery, but I spotted these on the site too and asked to have it added to the bundle they were sending me. They're blue velvet, figure hugging and really comfy. I think they're really complimentary to my figure which a lot of tight trousers aren't, and I actually like the length even though, because I'm short, they were touching the floor. (What kind of short girl doesn't like a pair of trousers that make her look taller for the day??!) I matched this with a halter neck top with a psychedelic design and grey and pink PU boots (it's all getting very Austin Powers up in here). I had to lift up the bottom of the flares to show you the boots but when I walked they were shown off a little bit and I liked how subtle their appearance was.

*Psychedelic Halter Neck Top - American Deadstock
*Velvet Flares - Hellaholics
*PU Boots - Public Desire


  1. Nice!

  2. In love with your outfit! Really like the futuristic and contemporary take on the 70's style :)
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