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Sunday, 6 March 2016

On Mother's Day We Wear Pink

My mom reminded me the other day about how, even though my favourite colour has always been turquoise, that I went through a phase of wearing pink constantly and telling everyone that it was my favourite colour. That was pretty much the inspiration for this outfit. I think what makes this work is the different textures and shades of pink. The top is velvet and has "Princess" written across it (so perfect for me since I'm basically a Disney princess). It's really nice and warm and has a high neck which I love and it separates the colour of the jacket and trousers so the pastel pink isn't too overpowering. The denim jacket is oversized, pink and has cats peeping on the pockets which is pretty much the reason I got it. It also matches the trousers which are a kind of canvas material and have happy and sad faces all over them. When it comes to the shoes, they are (almost) perfect. Everything about how they look and feel is amazing, until I realised that they were made partly of leather :( I wanted to just show you what they looked like but since I'm vegan I won't be wearing them anymore. The magenta colour is just amazing though and it really makes a statement by standing out against the rest of the outfit. It really is a shame that I couldn't wait until Wednesday to post this (obligatory Mean Girls reference) but Mother's Day will have to suffice. Make sure you show your mom how much you love and appreciate her today!

(None of what I'm wearing has been released yet but I will update this post when they are)

*Velvet Princess top - Lazy Oaf (available in April)
*Pink Cat denim jacket - Lazy Oaf (available in April)
*Happy Sad face trousers - Lazy Oaf (available in April)
*Magenta boots - Timberland


  1. Nice!

  2. That's such a shame about the trousers being leather :( this look is super cute tho!!